Living In Perdika – the Sea and its waters…

The renowned beaches of Thesprotia and especially Perdika have become unforgettable for many visitors. Beginning in the south of the area, the beautiful Prapamali beach is a hidden treasure, which, despite its difficult accessibility, whoever has been there will visit it again and again. It is perfect for those seeking a little adventure, peace and maybe those who can reach it by boat.



Karavostasi is the longest beach in Thesprotia.  The Daily Telegraph calls this beach “a slice of Hellenic heaven”.  The sand is thick and the waters deep- crystal clear and it is ideal for those who love swimming.



Arilla, the small harbor, is just to the north of  Karavostasi.  This picturesque beach with its shallow water and fine sand is a great choice for families with young children.  The fishing boats on the left and the rocky mountainside on the right complete the picture of this ideal beach.


A small road through olive groves will lead you to the pretty beach of Sofas.  A great location for those who enjoy camping as you will find the only campsite in the area here.


Agia Paraskevi is much loved by visitors to Perdika.  The small, lush island opposite the beach, acts as its protector.  Many swimmers head for the island to discover its beauty.


Mega Drafi is the last and most northern of Perdika’s beaches.  Another beach with its own unique character, here you can enjoy the clean waters and once in a lifetime swims, exploring the sea life hidden among the rocks.



There is something for everyone in this area.  These are some of  the beaches of Perdika, but it would be better to discover them for yourselves, and maybe you will find your own hidden treasures…


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